The Chocolate Shop

Please be advised that online orders are unavailable until the new year due to high demand, please visit us at 14 Mill Street if you would like to make a purchase.

A little note about shelf-life

Our hand-made chocolates will typically come with a three week shelf-life, but the chocolate you buy in the supermarket can last for up to a year, why is that, you ask?

In order to achieve such a long shelf-life, mass-market chocolate producers use artificial preservatives, such as sorbitol, to extend the shelf-life of their products.

Unlike these suppliers, we are artisanal producers that pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our award-winning chocolates and we don’t want to spoil them with artificial preservatives. It is in this relentless pursuit of quality and perfection that we have chosen to limit our chocolates’ shelf-life to three weeks.

Come in to our shop at 6, Mill Street and try some of our fresh samples and taste the difference.

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